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Impress Your Boss and Become the Go-To Trivia Partner

Jan 16, 2017 | M1ND

Imagine how much you’ll impress your boss in a meeting when you can recall details from last week’s presentation. Or maybe you’ll be the sought-after partner amongst your friends on Trivia Night. Whatever the situation, we all wish we had better memorization skills. 

Enter M1ND, An Ounce of Genius™.

The solution to better memorization ability is in M1ND. Each delicious one-ounce packet contains a lemon meringue-flavored gel complete with the Jeunesse-exclusive ingredient, CERA-Q™.

CERA-Q™: Clinically Shown to support memory and recollection*

CERA-Q, discovered by Korean researchers in 2000 and derived from silkworm cocoons, is backed by seven scientific studies that show the protein supports memory and recollection. Some of the studies showed statistically significant results in memory recollection in as little as 21 days (200mg dose daily).*

The authors of the CERA-Q Silk Protein Hydrolysate, Brain Effects and Human Clinical Studies concluded, “A calculated measure of memory use with IQ (IQ/MQ score %) showed that CERA-Q significantly affected efficiency, meaning better memory from the same level of IQ.”

Just imagine how much you could impress your boss or trivia partners if you just opened your M1ND.

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CERA-Q™ is a trademark of Novel Ingredient Services, LLC.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.